Tämä postaus ainoastaan englanniksi. This post will be only in english. So forgive my grammar mistakes please.

This post tells about my fashion inspirations. No music, lifestyle etc etc inspiration. It's all about clothes and the outcome hahah!

I have been pretty unclear with my style these days but I'll still show you some photos which I like. I can imagine myself in these clothes you know~ So pic spam!

#1 Fav.
My favourite of all photos in this post. Nowadays I like brown and beige, gold accesorizes, hats etc and these short shorts... ohmagosh I LOVE IT! I think this woman looks kinda cool~

#2 Cutie Cutie
Her hairstyle and her colourful clothes. Makes me wanna take her and put in my pocket. What a cutie!

#3 Red hair
I love red hair. Love her simple a little bit boyish image.

#4 Floral print
Summer summer summer. I also love everything girly. Ribbons, lace, frills...

#5 Another fav.
This is me! Completely! Love it! Must have it! Really really cute and I just love everything she has.

I think my style is.. little bit girly but at the same time full of attitude like...

...CL from 2NE1 has.

And now everyone including me understand very well what I'm looking for! Hahah! Just kidding. I don't really understand. It's pissing me off DD:

But now a few bloggers that inspires me:
^ If someones wardrode is worth of stealing it's hers~

This is it by Ramona. Good night, sleep tight (while listening Park Boms new single)!

3 kommenttia:

  1. omg toi eka kuva!!!mikä täydellinen tyyli-ilmestys o: !!!ja ooooiiih,mäki rakastan punasii hiuksiii!!!<33333333:::D

  2. Mmmmm, ihaniaa♥ Ja uhh toi #4 kukkamekko! Me likes 'em all~

  3. Oonis : Toi eka kuva on tosiaan purrrfect!! Hahhah ja punaset hiukset on kyllä aika nam kans :3

    Taija : Mun tekis mieli ryöstää ton mallin mekko hohhoh~